Development of an automated system for weather data collection and forecasting climate events by means of radio frequency




Automation, Decision, Forecast, Meteorology, Radiofrequency, Station


The weather forecasting method is based on the analysis of data collected to support decision-making. This paper describes the development of a weather station (prototype) to assist in monitoring plantations and forecasting extreme weather events. The strategy adopted is to use a set of stations connected via radiofrequency forming a communications network to better understand and anticipate such events. The weather forecasting method is based on analysis of data collected to support decision making. The laboratory tests were successful, but field tests had several difficulties and unforeseen events that will be described at the end of this paper.


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Oba Ramos, C. C., & Roloff, M. L. (2020). Development of an automated system for weather data collection and forecasting climate events by means of radio frequency. Revista Engenharia Na Agricultura - REVENG, 28(Contínua), 415–424.



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