DRYING AND ISOTHERMS OF SUGAR CANE BAGASSE - DOI: 10.13083/1414-3984/reveng.v23n2p128-142

  • Joyce Maria Gomes da Costa
  • Jefferson Luiz Gomes Corrêa
  • Bruno Elyeser Fonseca
  • Flávio Meira Borém
  • Soraia Vilela Borges
Palavras-chave: biomass, drying, energy


Sugarcane is nowadays considered an important source of energy. One of its products is sugarcane bagasse. Bagasse is largely used as a boiler fuel. The goal of this work was to study bagasse drying in a fixed bed and its desorption isotherm. Air was used as drying agent at 40, 50 and 60 ºC at flow rate of 0.9 m s-1. Desorption isotherms were also obtained at 40 and 50 ºC. Several models from literature were tested with regards to their fit to fixed bed drying and desorption isotherm data. The best adjustments were obtained with Modified Page 2 model for drying kinetics and both the Jaafar and Michalowski model and modified Henderson 2 model for the desorption isotherm.


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Costa, J. M. G. da, Corrêa, J. L. G., Fonseca, B. E., Borém, F. M., & Borges, S. V. (2015). DRYING AND ISOTHERMS OF SUGAR CANE BAGASSE - DOI: 10.13083/1414-3984/reveng.v23n2p128-142. REVISTA ENGENHARIA NA AGRICULTURA - REVENG, 23(2), 128-142. https://doi.org/10.13083/reveng.v23i2.504
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