Reviewer Rewards

Peer-reviewing is a tiring and time consuming task, performed voluntarily by individuals of high expertise. The Journal is always interested in supporting initiatives aiming to further recognize the work of peer-reviewers, such as Publons and ReviewerCredits. Both of these platforms are free for reviewers and can be used by reviewers to easily keep track of their reviewing activity and download a single certificate for all their reviews (instead of collecting multiple certificates from multiple publishers). Additional capabilites are provided through each individual service.



To add a review you have performed for the journal to your Publons account, simply forward to Publons the "Review Acknowledgement" email (or "Thank you for reviewing email" as Publons prefers), which was sent to you by our editor after completing a review. The process is further described here.

Reviewer recognition - Publons - Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia



The Journal further collaborates with ReviewerCredits to help reviewers  get tangible rewards for their reviews. Reviewers use their ReviewerCredits account to claim reviews and ReviewerCredits contacts each journal's editor to verify each claim.  The Journal also offers an easy (1-click) way to update your review record, providing that you already have a ReviewerCredits account. When submitting a review to the journal, you will be given the opportunity (by just ticking a box in the submit review form) to add the review data to your ReviewerCredits account. No data regarding the review will be shared with ReviewerCredits other than the journal's title, the article's ID number, the reviewer's name and the dates. Each reviewer is given a number of ReviewerCredits (or RC) for each review. These credits can be used at any time in the ReviewerCredits shop to purchase tangible rewards.