Dark black bicycles: from silence in school to solitude in life





Visibility. Black Masculinities. Dissidences. Rights. Affeminate Black Pussy.


In the last fifteen years, there has been a progressive articulation between public policies that have given visibility to themes that a significant part of Brazilian society would like to see invisible: the social use of names for transvestites and trans, professionalization and health of the LGBTQI + community, dissident masculinities and femininities , rights and an emancipation process for black people, access to universities, which allowed the construction of new narratives. The Councils linked to the groups representing these dissidences, organized, exerted pressure and won rights that seemed irreversible. However, the conservative government installed on January 1, 2019, paralyzed fundamental debates that seem to be relegated once again to hiding. Among these themes, one that disturbs because it is the articulation of subalternities and oppressions concerns the construction of black masculinities, and the non-place of the effeminate black bixa. The research is being carried out through the articulation of methods that involve school ethnography, bibliographic review and script for focal interview. So far, the indications are that the school “makes society invisible” ridicules, the police are violent and absences kill.


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Hilário, R. A., & Dias Pereira, W. G. . (2020). Dark black bicycles: from silence in school to solitude in life. REVES - Revista Relações Sociais, 3(4), 03001–03011. https://doi.org/10.18540/revesvl3iss4pp03001-03011



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