Society 5.0: exploring the dilemmas of the social ecosystem of the future




Society 5.0. Intelligence society. Social ecosystems. Smart cities. Wisdom Society.


Society 5.0 is a concept that is gaining momentum around the world, aiming to use digital technologies and human skills to promote inclusion, sustainability, and equity. Through a reflexive-critical systematic literature review, supported by the PRISMA-P protocol, this paper identifies the main research in the field of study and explores the concept of Society 5.0. Furthermore, the main dilemmas associated with the new social ecosystem proposal and its impacts on society are discussed. Due to the incipiency of the theme, few studies have discussed the implications of the concept and the phenomenon of Society 5.0; and the existing research evidences a pulsating antagonism among researchers in the field. Despite the divergences about the concept, the results of our research show alignment with the general objective of Society 5.0. Society evolves when citizens, organizations, and government, with the support of technology, develop a sustainable social ecosystem whose goal is the quality of human life. The discussions, dilemmas, and gaps raised in this research can generate insights for other researchers and guide future work in the field of study.


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Sott, M. K., Baum, K. da S., & Bender, M. S. (2022). Society 5.0: exploring the dilemmas of the social ecosystem of the future. REVES - Revista Relações Sociais, 5(4), 14920–01e.



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