Division of natural numbers: A look at the rest





Division. Natural Numbers. Rest.


The objective of this work is to demonstrate the importance of analyzing the data obtained in the division algorithm, so that there is a correct interpretation, especially with regard to the rest of that division.  It is proposed to investigate the same in the process of dividing natural numbers in order to deepen its concept.  It also focuses on the relevance and meaning of the other treaties on the theme.  To this end, a bibliographic review and field research was carried out with Elementary School students from the Municipal School Cordulina Costa Rêgo in the city of Couto Magalhães, Tocantins.  The field research was carried out by means of questionnaires applied to the students, in order to capture information on the subject in question.  This research sought to identify the different types of interpretations that the others can give to the obtained result, in different problem situations that have the same algorithm.  Therefore, it was found that part of the students has difficulty in perceiving the existence, failing to interpret the meaning of the rest of the division, which imposes the observation that the teacher should give the importance that the rest deserves, without giving prominence only to the quotient within the division algorithm.


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Sobrinho, J. de A., Silveira, H. B., Albuquerque, O. D., & Simas, T. B. (2021). Division of natural numbers: A look at the rest. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 11970–01. https://doi.org/10.18540/jcecvl7iss1pp11970-01-09e



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