Panorama of public education in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil in 2020




Architecture and Urbanism. Expansion and interiorization of Federal Universities. Public higher education.


There are countless impacts that the knowledge of Architecture and Urbanism can have in a society. Since 1816, when the first school in Brazil was created, until 2020, there are altogether 67 courses in Architecture and Urbanism offered at 59 public institutions. Thus, this article aims to analyze the distribution in space and time of these public courses in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil. To this end, public institutions with this offer, their administrative categories, total annual vacancies and creation date were surveyed. These data were processed in figures and tables that allow to observe the distribution of courses and vacancies throughout the Brazilian territory, the expansion with the expansion plan and interiorization of the Federal Universities and the creation of the Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology and also regional asymmetries. It is understood that continuing projects to expand the training of these graduates to more peripheral areas is fundamental, especially because of the possibility of planning more equitable societies, with a better quality of life and environmental balance.


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Simas, T. B., Dias, L. N., & Silva, J. L. A. (2021). Panorama of public education in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil in 2020. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 12075–01.



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