Covid-19 and social isolation index in Santana do Araguaia




Social isolation index, Covid-19, Santana do Araguaia


The 2020 is marked by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and its impact on the entire planet. One of the main precautions to reduce the spread of this disease is to "stay home". Thus, this article aims to analyze the social distance and the spread of Covid-19 in Santana do Araguaia, a peripheral city in the Pará State of Brazil. For this, laws, decrees and ordinances at federal, state and municipal levels are related to social isolation index, cases and deaths by new coronavirus registered in the city between March and September 2020. This explanation allows to observe a decrease in social distancing precisely when there is an increase in cases and deaths registered in the municipality. This highlights the need to build private policies for sustainability of social distance in the city and to contain the spread of this pandemic.


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Simas, T. B., Hila, A. B. C., & Carvalho, C. M. de. (2021). Covid-19 and social isolation index in Santana do Araguaia. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 12082–01.



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