Urban bioclimatic evaluation - case study in squares in Santana do Araguaia-PA and Laranjeiras-SE





Urban comfort, Bioclimatic file, Hot and humid climate


The bioclimatic evaluation of urban environment is based on investigation of architectural and urban elements application, based on constructive technologies to optimize the environmental comfort of its users in promotion of designs: architectural, urban and landscape more sustainable, within the context of culture, surroundings, local materials and microclimate. With a focus on the hot-humid tropical climate in two cities, Santana do Araguaia-PA and Laranjeiras-SE, this study aims to propose guidelines for improvement the current aspects of one square in each city based on the method of observation in loco to fill of bioclimatic file and to take photos. The squares in each city are located in the downtown area, São Francisco de Assis’ Main Church (IMSFA) square in Santana do Araguaia and Dr. Heráclito Diniz Gonçalves (DHDG) square in Laranjeiras. Despite cities being in the bioclimatic zone 8, the results showed there are peculiarities in each one. It was presented proposal for improvement to each square, related to paving materials, vegetation, urban furniture and accessibility.


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Teixeira, C. F. B., Monteiro, M. M. M., & Araujo, A. N. B. de. (2021). Urban bioclimatic evaluation - case study in squares in Santana do Araguaia-PA and Laranjeiras-SE. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 12097–01. https://doi.org/10.18540/jcecvl7iss1pp12097-01-14e



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