Engineering and history: analyzing buildings in Santana do Araguaia-PA




Buildings, History, Engineering, Paraense


The history of a city's buildings helps to understand how its creation and development took place, and to explain how it came to be what it is today. The objective of this work was to recover the history of the municipality of Santana do Araguaia-PA by the analysis of facades of some of its first constructions. The research is descriptive exploratory, based on the analysis of recorded photographs and a bibliographical research of local historical material. The facades of the houses and their structures and the history of their construction were analyzed, correlating with the reports about the creation of the city. The results point out that there are certain similarities in the construction styles of the houses and also divergences as to their purposes and significance for the origin of the city, besides being to realize the need to rescue the history of the municipality, which runs the risk of being lost with the lack of historical material. This work gave a better understanding of this locality, based on its historical context, which is reflected in its older constructions, making it possible to learn about the evolutionary process of engineering and civil construction through the history and municipal development.


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Marino, F. E. de S., Reis, A. R., Paiva, M. V. de, & Bazzo, M. G. (2021). Engineering and history: analyzing buildings in Santana do Araguaia-PA. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 12116–01.



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