Organizational Analysis: The Influence of Organizational Structure on Corporate Culture




Organizational Analysis; Organizational Chart; Qualitative Research; Organizational Culture; Efficiency.


Organizational analysis studies the structure and operations of organizations using the organizational chart as a tool to depict their hierarchy. Qualitative research seeks to analyze how the structure and organizational charts influence organizational culture in companies across various sectors. The goal is to identify types of structures used, analyze the relationship between them and culture, and ascertain differences in the culture of companies from different sectors. This can impact productivity, employee satisfaction, and organizational efficiency. Organizational structure is crucial for efficiency and effectiveness, serving as a foundation for analyses. Qualitative methods, including content analysis, are employed to investigate the interaction between structure, organizational charts, and culture. Case studies illustrate the practical application of these analyses in different sectors. The research aims to provide valuable insights into management practices and improvements in organizational efficiency. The conclusion highlights the importance of these analyses for the success of organizations, promoting continuous enhancements and adaptations to the competitive landscape.


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Silva , L. V. da, Santos , P. P. D. dos, Oliveira, D. A. de, Silva, M. E. da, Nora , L. A. R. da S., & Ferreira Alves , S. de F. (2023). Organizational Analysis: The Influence of Organizational Structure on Corporate Culture. REVES - Revista Relações Sociais, 6(3), 17039–01e.



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