Study on the use of bamboo in concrete composition




Bamboo fibers. Concrete with fibers. Sustainability.


Concrete is considered one of the most used materials in the world, with numerous applications in civil construction. Despite this, it still has deficiencies that need to be addressed and met. Because of this, several materials have been incorporated into it to interfere with its properties, such as, for example, the behavior after cracking. The most diverse type of fiber have been used and here it was studied how concrete reinforced with bamboo fibers (CRFB) behaves. The present work intends to show the importance of alternative materials in civil construction, with a focus on bamboo fibers. Compression strength, flexion tensile strength and tensile strength by diametrical compression are evaluated in concretes produced in laboratory, incorporating 0%, 0.5% and 1.0% of fibers by weigh.  The results indicate that the increase in the fiber content decreases the workability, as well as hinders application and thickening of the concrete; in the hardened state, there was no significant change in compressive strength at 28 days, but a small decrease for the age of 63 days; in the tensile strength tests, the fibers showed good interaction with the cementitious matrix.


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Carvalho, C. M. de, Barboza, N. P., Bezerra, U. T., Simas, T. B., Oliveira, A. C., & Magalhães , . G. . . (2021). Study on the use of bamboo in concrete composition. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(1), 12134–01.



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