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Thesis Overview template:  The page format should be A4 (210 mm × 297 mm), in the “portrait” orientation mode, and the margins of the text must be lower of 1.5 cm, upper, of 2.5 cm, right of 1.25 cm and left of 3 cm. The text of the entire manuscript, including the titles of each section and sub-title, must be typed with Times New Roman font, size 12, justified aligned. The title of each section is a first-order header and must be numbered with Arabic numerals, aligned to the left in bold. Spacings of 6 pt before and 12 pt after the text must be given. It is recommended that this template provided by jCEC be used to write the entire manuscript. That way, these guidelines will be properly observed. Articles written in Portuguese, English or Spanish must have the same format. The first line of each paragraph must start with a 1-cm tabulation from the left margin with fully-justified alignment. The manuscript must be written with a minimal of 2 (two) and a maximal of 5 (five) pages.


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