Pathological Manifestations in cast-in-place Concrete Walls Systems – Case study in Affordable Housing




Construction pathologies, Pathological manifestations, Concrete walls system, Case study


The remarkable growth of Brazilian civil construction in the early 2000s stimulated the use of industrialized construction systems, such as concrete walls. This system is characterized by high productivity and rationalization in the construction site. On the other hand, qualified workforce and specific equipment are required, which enhances the process complexity. This paper analyzed the pathological manifestations found in two different buildings in which cast-in-place concrete walls system was used. In the first moment, the causes of the anomalies were raised. Then, diagnosis and possible treatments were proposed. The following anomalies were identified: detachment of ceramic tiles from internal walls, horizontal cracks in the walls, 45° cracks in the lower parts of the walls, cracks in the corners of windows and concrete segregation. The main source of anomalies was the execution stage. Thus, a rigorous and continuous training of the workforce is necessary, followed by a continuous inspection of the services. The concreting stage must be previously planned, and the synchronous participation of the different agents is essential. In this sense, the following recommendations are made: proper dosage of concrete, guarantee the normal functioning of the pump, complete concreting of a wall before proceeding to the concreting of other elements and positioning the hose at less than 2m of height during concreting. Besides, it is also recommended the proper positioning of the reinforcements in the corners of windows and doors as well as the substrate preparation for fixing ceramic tiles, which must be done by washing it with detergent and brushing it with a steel brush. This study aims to contribute with the dissemination of practical knowledge in order to prevent and avoid pathological manifestations in future buildings.



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Coutinho, F. D. de A. ., Carneiro, L. do R. S., Santos, J. C., & Poggiali, F. S. J. (2021). Pathological Manifestations in cast-in-place Concrete Walls Systems – Case study in Affordable Housing. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 7(4), 12950–01.



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