Experimental study of the opening angle with different rotors in a wind tunnel





wind tunnel. Performance of fan. Rotors.


This experiment has as main objective to verify the performance of a fan in a wind tunnel according to the opening of the air outlet valve, inserting different rotors, one with 12 blades and the other with 16 blades. The research was carried out at the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of the Federal University of Pará, for the development of the experiment, the following steps are followed: the fan is turned on; the current intensity is measured; the head is measured between the points before and after the rotors with the U and Pitot tubes; the valve is opened at “0%” and the steps are repeated until reaching 100% opening with a distance of 20 units (mm). After carrying out these steps and collecting data such as manometric heights, dimensional data and data provided by the machine itself coupled to the Wind Tunnel. With this, the necessary calculations are carried out to find the efficiency of the fan using as main basis the Bernoulli equation where it was found: average speed, pressures, electrical power, power given to the fluid and the efficiency.


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Nobre, J. C. de A., Sousa, D. L. P. de, & Andrade, L. C. F. (2022). Experimental study of the opening angle with different rotors in a wind tunnel. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 8(7), 14770–01e. https://doi.org/10.18540/jcecvl8iss7pp14770-01e



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