Mathematical expression games for educational purposes: experience report


  • Cristiane Johann Evangelista Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará, Brasil
  • Elaine Morais da Conceição Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará, Brasil



Numerical expressions. Ludic. Card game. Game of sticks.


The current work reflects on a playful activity for teaching numerical expressions, using Cards and Sticks games. The main objective was to investigate the potential of didactic games aimed at teaching mathematical expressions in an 8th grade class of Elementary School. The research was carried out with students from the Municipal School of Elementary Education Irmão Pio Barroso, in the municipality of Santana do Araguaia - PA. The study has a qualitative character, of the case study type, in which reflections and analyzes are presented on the playful material used. Among the potentialities of the activity with Sticks and Cards games are: the fixation of mathematical concepts previously learned, in a motivating way for the student; development of own strategies for solving the proposed expressions; active student participation in learning mathematical expressions; development of healthy competition in a school environment, correct use of mathematical language. Based on this research, it is possible to conclude the importance of students experiencing a space that is capable of playful experiences, generating productivity, participation and coexistence with colleagues and it points out the need for further studies that develop and analyze methodological resources that contribute to the quality of teaching and learning mathematical expressions.


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Evangelista, C. J., & Conceição, E. M. da. (2023). Mathematical expression games for educational purposes: experience report. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 9(7), 16278–01c.




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