Ethnomathematics - taking care of the roots




Ethnomathematics. cultural appreciation. teaching-learning.


Ethnomathematics is a trend in the field of exact sciences that somehow humanizes mathematics, making it more accessible and understandable within the cultural field, as it makes no sense to segregate mathematics from the pre-established culture of other peoples, who bring in their baggage of knowledge a non-formal structure, but rich in knowledge. This work was carried out through theoretical inspirations arising from readings and reflections on mathematics education, as it consists of bibliographical research. The purpose of this article is precisely to present ethnomathematics as a program that will develop mathematical learning in a way that will reach the necessary competencies for each cultural group. And so, to show that it is necessary to remember how it all started because everyone brings with them a cultural heritage that cannot simply be forgotten or set aside, as if it were of no importance.


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Azevedo, A. C., Barros, W. S., Silveira, H. B. da, & Oliveira, C. J. de. (2022). Ethnomathematics - taking care of the roots. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 8(5), 14310–01e.



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