Construction of comics in Mathematics teaching: experience report with elementary school students


  • Samira Santos Ferrugine UNIFESSPA
  • Marta Vieira da Silva UNIFESSPA
  • Dilson Henrique Ramos Evangelista UNIFESSPA
  • Cristiane Johann Evangelista UNIFESSPA



Digital Comics. Mathematic. Elementary School.


Comics are tools used to narrate stories through pictures and small texts in the form of balloons in a practical and fun way. In this perspective, this work has as main objective to report the practices of activities developed in a short course with Elementary School II students of a public school in the municipality of Santana de Araguaia - PA, online. We used a qualitative approach as a research methodology and, as descriptive analysis instruments, a video recording of the application of activities, a questionnaire and researchers' notes. The activities developed consisted of presenting and building comic books, involving mathematical content using StoryBoard That, as a digital tool. The results showed that the use of the technological resource provided students' curiosity and participation during the construction of comics, in addition to arousing interest in solving mathematical problems. The use of StoryBoard That generated autonomy and creativity in the students in developing their own stories and, at the same time, provided the opportunity for an exploratory and investigative learning spirit.


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Ferrugine, S. S., Silva, M. V. da, Evangelista, D. H. R., & Evangelista, C. J. (2022). Construction of comics in Mathematics teaching: experience report with elementary school students. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 8(5), 14311–01e.



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