Sensory analysis of artisanal cookies added to unconventional flours




Hedonic scale. Banana peel flour. Pine Nut Flour. Passion fruit peel flour.


Many rural women look to artisanal cooking as a way to achieve financial independence. The food product produced must have added value and guarantee quality. The addition of unconventional flours can improve the nutritional quality of cookies. This work aims to analyze the acceptability of artisanal cookies produced by women farmers, added to unconventional flour. For this, the formulation was innovated, partially replacing the wheat flour with passion fruit peel flour, green banana peel or pine seed, in concentrations of 20, 30 or 40%. Acceptability was assessed using a 5-point hedonic scale. The research showed that the biscuit with 20% of pine flour obtained the best level of acceptance and only the passion fruit biscuits did not reach a good percentage of acceptance. Considering the acceptability and compliance with the recommendations for school meals, the cookies made from pine nut flour and green banana peel obtained good acceptability, close to the recommended values ??to be included in school menus, in addition to adding nutritional value to artisanal cookies.


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Ferreira, R. de S., Alves, C. A., Martins, A. L., & Vidigal, M. C. T. R. (2023). Sensory analysis of artisanal cookies added to unconventional flours. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 9(2), 14829–01e.



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