Experience report: didactic sequence with the introduction of the Traverse game in Elementary School


  • Elaine Morais da Conceição UNIFESSPA
  • Cristiane Johann Evangelista UNIFESSPA




Sequência didática, Geometria, Polígonos, Jogo Traverse


This work presents an experience report of a didactic sequence that aimed to consider and investigate the use of the Traverse game for the construction of geometric definitions and the development of logical-mathematical reasoning, in students from the 6th year of elementary school. The experience took place in a municipal school in Santana do Araguaia, during the activities of the Pedagogical Practice in Mathematics II discipline of the Mathematics Degree course at a public university in Pará. The qualitative-based investigation included theoretical guidelines on Ethnomathematics and use of concrete didactic materials in teaching. The instruments used for the descriptive analysis were the written activity, the researcher's notes and the students' oral answers. The results show that the Traverse game proved to be adequate for students to formulate concepts of geometry and polygons, favoring logical reasoning, cooperation and participation. The analysis allowed us to conclude that the students understood geometric concepts going beyond the simple act of observation and memorization, they perceived mathematics in a more contextualized way, present in recreational games. New studies that investigate Ethnomathematics in teaching are suggested so that students can learn about and respect other cultures and perceive mathematics as a historical, social and cultural knowledge.


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Conceição, E. M. da, & Evangelista, C. J. (2022). Experience report: didactic sequence with the introduction of the Traverse game in Elementary School. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 8(5), 14309–01e. https://doi.org/10.18540/jcecvl8iss5pp14309-01e



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