Digital technologies combined with teaching Cryptography


  • Marta Vieira da Silva UNIFESSPA
  • Dilson Henrique Ramos Evangelista UNIFESSPA
  • Cristiane Johann Evangelista UNIFESSPA



Cryptography. Mit App Inventor 2. Comic. Digital technologies. Matrices.


This work aimed to investigate the potential of the use of digital tools in the teaching of cryptography and mathematics during the application of a Didactic Sequence (DS). The implementation of the SD was carried out with Mathematics students from a public university in the south of Pará, and the investigation was developed in a qualitative perspective. The instruments of analysis were video recordings of the DS implementation, direct observation, the questionnaire and the responses to the extra activities. The SD consisted of creating applications on the Mit App Inventor 2 platform for matrix calculations and the encoding and decoding of messages, making it unintelligible to students. In addition, problems related to the theme were presented in the format of digital comics (HQDs). The analysis consisted of planning, evaluation and reflection of the implemented SD. From the results, we showed that Mit App Inventor 2 and HQDs were technological tools suitable for the study of cryptography that aroused the interest and curiosity of academics, providing relevant knowledge for their future teaching practice, in addition to making the class more attractive, dynamic. and participatory. New studies on cryptography using digital technologies in Basic Education are indicated due to the lack of studies in this area.


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Silva, M. V. da ., Evangelista, D. H. R., & Evangelista, C. J. . (2022). Digital technologies combined with teaching Cryptography. The Journal of Engineering and Exact Sciences, 8(5), 14313–01e.



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